Art Quilting 101

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with Wendy Butler Berns

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Embrace the art quilter within and learn to see the world through the eyes of an artist, doodle with free-motion quilting and add texture. Read More…

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Class Rating

(45 reviews)

rated 5 stars

Very helpful class!

I particularly appreciate Wendy's lessons on design. The design principles are clearly demonstrated. Quite often, I stop the lessons and look at the details to firmly anchor those principles in my mind. I particularly like the fact that Wendy does not use an 'example' design for student's to repeat but rather guides us to developing our own designs. That was what I expected from her class. At the end, I had a hard time following the classes because my head was buzzing with project ideas.

rated 5 stars

Great class

Learned so much. Have watched it 3 times. I enjoy the enthusiasm of Wendi. I have some projects yet to finish then will start an art quilt of my own design instead of patterns. Her talent was under utilized on The Quilt Show.

rated 5 stars

Very informative

class and I learned some new things. Lots of inspiration given and techniques. Detailed information. Excellent I thought.

rated 5 stars

Informative, though not quite my style

LOTS of really great info (though it is true, Wendy is a bit long-winded)! And while a few people have complained about all the samples of her pieces she showed in the class, I liked seeing all the different quilts. Seeing other people's work gives me new ideas. That said, Wendy's style is not my style - it's a bit too sugary sweet for me. I'd like to see more edgy and modern styling, but I do realize this is a class for beginners. Don't get me wrong, Wendy has some super nice pieces in her ...

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rated 5 stars


Theres a ton of information here! Especially good if your a beginner she goes over everything even the basics....simple precise instructions....easy to follow...guaranteed your gonna want to start an art project right away! Thanks I really enjoyed this class, it was my first online/craftsy course, and i wanna take more!


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