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How to Make a DIY Succulent Planter

finished planter with succulent main

See how a leftover piece of black walnut is transformed into a unique succulent planter — then follow the same steps to try it for yourself with some spare wood you have lying around!

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Finishing Your Krenov-style Wooden Hand Plane: Part 4


The final installment of our four part series on making Krenov-style hand planes, you'll finally create a functional plane and get to make some shavings! Then add the finishing touches to optimize for comfort and use.

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How to Mill Rough Lumber with Hand Tools

Traverse the Board

There are many excellent reasons for learning how to mill lumber by hand — even if you primarily work with power tools. This quick lesson will prepare you to use hand tools to create a meticulously-milled pieced of wood.

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Make a Krenov-style Wooden Hand Plane: Part 3

plane in clamps

Enjoy Part 3 in our series on making a Krenov-style wood-bodied hand plane. In this installment, you'll learn how to establish the bed angle, set the mouth and glue up the entire plane.

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