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Have We Got A Tip for You!? A Roundup Our Best Hacks

Cut Triangles for Quilting

Introducing the Craftsy hackathon! Check out this week’s roundup of the best and the brightest tips, tricks and helpful hints from around the Craftsy blog. From nail polish jewelry to understanding BX fonts and beyond, you’re sure to find a tip that’s a real treat!

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Gluing Up Panels in 4 Easy Steps

Using clamps to keep the ends even

Have you ever started working with a piece of wood only to find it isn't wide enough for the job? Fortunately, there's a surprisingly simple fix for that. Learn how to glue up narrow boards to make wider ones here.

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How to Make a DIY Succulent Planter

finished planter with succulent main

See how a leftover piece of black walnut is transformed into a unique succulent planter — then follow the same steps to try it for yourself with some spare wood you have lying around!

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