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Top 10 Interesting Quilt Facts

pinwheel quilt

Learn 10 fun facts about quilting and the history of this multi-billion dollar industry. Speckled with a few great quilt patterns, this is a great read about quilting and its origins!

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Science of Color Quiz: Why Do Those Fabrics Go Together?

Quilting Quiz

At one time or another, we have all looked at a color combination and thought, “I would never have put those fabrics together, but they look … fabulous!” This is all explained by the science of color theory. Take this quiz and show your knowledge of color theory.

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8 Perfectly Patriotic Quilt Patterns


Are you ready to celebrate summer with red, white and blue quilts? Patriotic quilts are a summer staple, making great picnic blankets before, during or after Fourth of July festivities! Check out these quilt designs to celebrate Independence Day!

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