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Beat Stress & Fuel Creativity With These Freebies!


Did you know that you can keep the stress at bay by letting your creativity flow? Flex your creative muscles this #StressReliefSunday by trying your hand at a new craft! Check out our FREE online video classes and downloadable guides made just for beginners.

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The Photoshop Trick That Makes Eyes Pop

Which one is the real eye color?

Make your subject's eyes pop with a color adjustment in Photoshop! In this tutorial, you'll learn how to darken, lighten or completely change the color of someone's eye, plus how to brighten the whites of the eyes.

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Smoke Photography: FREE Tutorial for Stunning Smoky Images


Smoke has a mind of its own, which makes it a little tricky to photograph. That's why we're giving you a go-to guide for smoke photography. Learn the right settings, the best lighting hacks and more for "Holy smokes!" reactions every time.

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Everything You Need to Take Lovable Pet Portaits

Pet Photography

You love your pets, and you can take photos of them that you'll love just as much! With these essential tools, modes and elements at hand when taking pet photos, you'll walk away with photos you can cherish forever.

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