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5 Tips for Photographing Eyes

Taken with an iPhone 5 and a macro attachment, in natural light on the beach

The eye is the second most complex organ in our body and is absolutely essential to the photographer. No wonder it makes a compelling photography subject! Learn how to take amazing photos of eyes.

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Composing Compelling Landscape Photographs

Long exposure waterfall image taken from mid stream below the falls

We are often so overwhelmed by the view that we rush to grab our cameras and start firing away, giving little thought to the actual composition of the photograph. These tips will make your photo more than a snapshot.

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How to Crop Photos for Printing

cropping, aspect ratio, cropping for canvas, wrapped canvas, Tetons, Mormon Row

Cropping can be an incredibly useful tool for your photography, and it is often necessary if you are planning on printing your images. Learn about aspect ratios and when you will need to crop to match your finished print size.

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