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How to Remove Wrinkles in Photoshop (Without Over-Editing)

Portrait with wrinkles and blemishes removed.

While you don't want to over-process portraits to the point that they look unnatural, many clients appreciate a little bit of retouching to make them look their best. Learn how to minimize wrinkles and blemishes, plus a secret trick for making sure your subjects don't look over-edited.

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Here’s How to Take Ethereal Photos With Backlighting

back-lit girl flowers child

Take portraits with that ethereal, halo-like effect that clients love. All you have to do is place the light behind your subject and adjust your light meter just right. You'll be snapping bright, glowing photos with a touch of magic in no time.

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Get Wild! FREE Wildlife Photography Guide & Fun Contest Inside

Photographing Wildlife Guide

Take a walk on the "wild" side with your photography! Our FREE, 10-page wildlife photography guide will get you started on the right foot with essential tips and techniques for photographing animals in nature. Once you've read the tips, enter our contest — you could win a Craftsy photography class!

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