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FREE Guides and Videos for Your Best Photos

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Enjoy FREE resources that will help you unleash your inner photographer! Learn from trusted experts in a helpful video class or photo-filled guides that are yours to access instantly.

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Dress Up Your Dining Room With a DIY Tablecloth

DIY Tablecloth

Make your own tablecloth in less time than it would take to buy one at the store. This simple, beginner-friendly tutorial will teach you everything you need to know for getting the measurements right and finishing with clean, professional looking edges.

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10 Patterns to Sew The Coolest Costumes on the Block

10 Easy Childrens Halloween Costumes

Your kids don't want a Halloween costume that copies anyone else's while trick or treating — so get creative this year! These 10 Halloween costume pattern for kids will guarantee they don't look cookie cutter!

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