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Soothe Your Soul With Sweets! Our Best Stress-Reducing Foods and Tips

Reduce stress with sweets

Here's the best scientific fact you'll hear all day: Eating sweets can reduce stress hormones — which means indulging in a treat can keep the rest of your summer stress-free! To help you relax, we've rounded up some of our best classes, guides and blog posts on our favorite desserts.

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These 7 Wire Weaving Patterns Will Wow You!

Weave Drop Pendant Jewelry Pattern

Wire weaving is an art. Learn some serious skills with these wire weaving patterns, then apply them to your own jewelry to make works of art that look like they belong in an art museum instead of on your wrist.

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The Simple Secret to Extending Your Camera’s Life


Extending the life and quality of your camera is as easy as giving it a quick clean every so often. With a few special solutions and household cleaning supplies, your camera can be spick-and-span in no time.

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