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The Long and Short of It: Short-Sleeve Knitting Patterns

Posted by on Sep 13, 2014 in Knitting |

It took me many years to figure out why someone would ever knit a short-sleeve sweater. "Sweaters are only for winter," I'd say. "Why bother with short sleeves?" Transform yourself into a short-sleeve sweater fan with these sweater knitting patterns from our always-fabulous Craftsy designers.

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Craftsy’s Geekiest Knitting Patterns

Posted by on Sep 12, 2014 in Knitting |

Some might say that knitting, in itself, is a display of geekery. To that I say, pshaw! There are plenty of other ways to show the world that you're a geek, though. Wave that geek flag high when you add one of these nerdy patterns to your list.

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Free Pattern Friday: Kimono Jacket, a Knit Vest + 6 More!

Posted by on Sep 12, 2014 in Cake Decorating, Crocheting, Embroidery, Food & Cooking, Jewelry Making, Knitting, Paper Crafts, Quilting, Sewing |

Let's have fun this Friday! With a shabby-chic quilt, an adorable kimono jacket, plus so many more, there's a free pattern for all you weekend warriors out there. Read on to find yours!

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Get Ready for Savings September: 6 New Online Classes, Now on Sale

Posted by on Sep 11, 2014 in Drawing, Gardening, Jewelry Making, Knitting, Photography, Quilting |

Bring in the savings this September with fantastic online classes from Craftsy! From learning to create your own gorgeous garden escape to a FREE wirework jewelry class, we're bringing you six new classes you're going to love!

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Feel Inspired Today with Carol Milne’s Knitted Glass

Posted by on Sep 10, 2014 in Knitting |

I saw Carol Milne's knitted glasswork for the first time on my Facebook newsfeed. Carol's work makes me appreciate knitting in a whole new way, and it even inspired me to try and think outside of the realm of yarn. Read on for more about Carol and her knitted glasswork. Read more

Want to Practice Your Stranded Colorwork? Knit Some Polka Dot Patterns!

Posted by on Sep 7, 2014 in Knitting |

In order to knit polka dots, you need to be familiar with stranded colorwork. While stranded colorwork can be a little frustrating — carrying floats is no party! — it's a piece of cake if you practice enough. And what better way to practice than with polka dot knitting patterns? Practice your stranded colorwork with these polka dot patterns, plus our suggestions for colorwork Craftsy classes to help you along the way.

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