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Stitches With Sparkles: Tips for Adding Beads to Knitting

Rippled Knitted Necklace with Beads

Want to turn a plain piece of knitting into a work of art? It's easy: just add beads! Beads can be added to a project of any difficulty, whether it's a garter stitch scarf or a lace shawl with an intricate pattern. No matter what your skill level, check out these tips for knitting with beads, then start knitting something sparkly!

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Make Waves With 8 Beautiful Ocean-Inspired Knitting Patterns

Ocean Placemat Knitting Pattern

With summer in full swing there are plenty of beautiful natural elements to draw inspiration from, but one of the most popular seems to be the ocean. Even if you're not visiting the beach this summer (sigh), you can still pay tribute to the rolling waves of the sea with these ocean-inspired knitting patterns.

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Why Stockinette Stitch Curls + How to Stop It

Why Does Stockinette Stitch Curl?

Stockinette stitch may be one of the most basic knitting stitches, but it's also one of the hardest stitches to control. It has a mind of its own, rolling in on those edges. Find out why stockinette stitch curls, plus three ways to stop it from curling.

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