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8 FREE Baby Blanket Knitting Patterns for New Arrivals

Free Baby Blanket Knitting Patterns

There are few gifts more precious or cozy than baby blankets. But we know that because of the huge amount of yarn required, knitting a baby blanket can be a real pain on your wallet. These free baby blanket knitting patterns save you some money so you can focus on fiber instead of budget.

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Free Pattern Friday Goes Great With Pumpkin Pie!


Whether you're getting ready to tuck into a leftover turkey sandwich or preparing your game face for Black Friday bargain hunting, don't forget to make time for these fantastic free patterns! We've rounded up seven black-and-white crafts that are sure to come in handy for the holiday season — check them out below.

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Trend Alert! 6 Fun Fringed Scarf and Shawl Knitting Patterns


The fashion world is on a fringe binge, with fringe-edged clothing accessories popping everywhere. Fringe is dynamic, playful and fun — and hand-knit fringe can be inventive, dramatic and original. Here are six fringe-happy, catwalk-worthy patterns.

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7 FREE Knitting Patterns for Toddlers

Free Knitting Patterns for Toddlers

We knitters love stitching up tiny baby patterns for newborns — but what happens when those babies grow into toddlers? These FREE patterns are here to keep the cute and stay sturdy during playtime.

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