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Best Pastel Yarn Choices and Yarn Projects for Spring

Prettiest pastel yarns for spring on Craftsy!

Pastel yarn is perfect for Easter, floral projects and other spring crafting. We've rounded up the best pastel yarn choices in variegated yarn and solid yarn plus the top pastel knitting and crochet projects to get you ready for spring.

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Double Those Yarn Strands to Finish Knitting Projects Faster

Shale Beach Lace Triangle Shawl knitting pattern

Knitting with two strands of yarn at the same time creates a knit that's thick, warm, and super quick to knit up. Here are just a few double-stranded patterns to choose from, plus a quick tip for beginners about knitting double-stranded from one skein of yarn.

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Can You Beat These World Records in Knitting?

David Babcock + More Knitting World Records on Craftsy!

Want to break a world record in knitting? From records like longest finger knitting from a team to longest scarf knit while running a marathon, here are just a few of the current world record holders in knitting, plus what you'd have to do to beat them!

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