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Cross-Stitch Shoes, Guinea Pig Star Wars Characters + More

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This week drool over a cross-stitched shoe, giggle at guinea pigs that look like Star Wars characters, bake some emoji cookies, and make a simple yarn chandelier. Whether you're looking for a quick DIY project or just a way to get out of your creative slump, these links are just what you need.

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Build Healthier Soil With Lasagna Garden Layers

This wildflower garden was grown using lasagna garden layers.

Have you tried lasagna gardening? This no-dig method — also called sheet mulching, no-till gardening or sheet composting — is a great way to build new beds with valuable organic matter and recycle yard and kitchen waste, without a lot of digging or tilling.

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Buyer Beware: 7 Invasive Plants Commonly Found at Garden Centers

purple loostrife

Garden centers and nurseries across the country commonly sell a number of known invasive species to unwitting customers. These plants are taken home and planted in the garden or yard, and before you know it, their unstoppable spread has taken over your property. Find out plants you should avoid here.

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Grow A Beautiful Butterfly Garden!

Red plants attract butterflies such as this one

By growing plants that attract butterflies, you can pollinate your garden while also helping to save these beautiful winged insects for future generations. Learn how to start a butterfly garden here.

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5 Easy, Inexpensive Ideas for DIY Compost Bins

DIY Compost Bin

Composting is a rewarding way to waste less, save on trash fees and feed your soil the healthy nutrients it needs for your plants thrive. The good news is composting is easier than ever with these inexpensive DIY compost bin ideas. Plus, get bonus tips for keeping rodents at bay.

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