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Have You Considered Growing a Flower Carpet?

Bicycle on Clover Lawn

Have you considered growing a flower carpet? Discover 5 sweet flowers you can plant that will provide a charming surprise when the weather warms and your lawns or pathways are filled with tiny blooms.

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Beginner’s Guide to Growing Beans

Blue Lake Bush beans are the standard bush bean

Among the easiest vegetables to grow are beans, making them ideal for beginning gardeners. Plus, beans come in a wide range of fun colors, from purple and yellow to speckled. Read on to find some helpful tips for growing beans, plus a few of our favorite varieties to consider for your garden.

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How to Make a DIY Succulent Planter

finished planter with succulent main

See how a leftover piece of black walnut is transformed into a unique succulent planter — then follow the same steps to try it for yourself with some spare wood you have lying around!

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Grow Perfect Peonies

pink peony

Get essential tips for growing perfect peonies, from how to plant and transport to preventing disease.

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