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Garden Inspiration: A Tour of Terrain by Anthropologie

Posted by on Sep 15, 2014 in Gardening | Comments

Like Anthropologie’s clothing stores, their sister store, Terrain is not just a store, it’s an experience. If you visit the Philadelphia area nursery, plan for at least an afternoon to wander slowly through the beautifully merchandised garden store. For those who can’t visit in person, follow along on this delightful this armchair tour!

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8 Fall Garden Chores to Add to Your To-Do List Now

Posted by on Sep 14, 2014 in Gardening |

As autumn creeps in, you may be tempted to put away your gardening tools until the warm weather returns next year. But don’t stop gardening yet! There are several fall garden chores to you should add to your to-do list now. Completing these chores now will help ensure you have a healthy and lovely garden all four seasons.

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10 Plants You Can Re-Grow From Vegetable Scraps

Posted by on Sep 12, 2014 in Gardening |

It's time to stop throwing fruit and veggie scraps in the garbage. Use them instead to re-grow the plants for a second (and free) harvest! Read on to discover what plants you can re-grow with just a little encouragement and the right environment.

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Get Ready for Savings September: 6 New Online Classes, Now on Sale

Posted by on Sep 11, 2014 in Drawing, Gardening, Jewelry Making, Knitting, Photography, Quilting |

Bring in the savings this September with fantastic online classes from Craftsy! From learning to create your own gorgeous garden escape to a FREE wirework jewelry class, we're bringing you six new classes you're going to love!

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Armchair Garden Tour: Explore a Charming Swedish Nursery

Posted by on Sep 8, 2014 in Gardening |

When I travel, I always try to visit gardens and plant nurseries. Recently on a trip to Sweden, a friend recommended a visit to Slottsträdgården Ulriksdal. Set on a beautiful property with forests, rolling meadows, little creeks and even a large château, this charming nursery will provide plenty of inspiration for your own garden. Tour it here!

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8 Fall 2014 Garden Trends We Love

Posted by on Sep 7, 2014 in Gardening |

Do you know what’s “in” for your autumn garden this season? Find out what's trending this season, so you don’t get caught with foreign tropical planters or a bubbling water-wasting fountain in your garden—those are out! Read on to learn what's in!

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