sewing denim

Sewing with Denim

Don't miss these tips and tricks for sewing with denim. Put this versatile fabric to use in your next design.

sewing closures

Sewing Closures

Learn how to select the right closures for your sewing projects.

how to sew a dress

How To Sew A Dress From Scratch

Learn the five steps for sewing a dress from scratch.

pattern cutting tips

Pattern Cutting Tips

A successful project begins with good cutting. Don't miss these pattern cutting tips!

sewing welt pockets

Sewing Welt Pockets

Skip the added bulk of a pocket flap and opt for stylish welt pockets. This step by step tutorial shows you how!

how to sew with knit fabrics

Tips & Tricks for Sewing with Knits

These tips and tricks will have you sewing knits with ease in no time.

how to sew with oil cloth, laminated cotton, vinyl

Sewing with Oil Cloth, Vinyl and More

Work with water resistant fabrics like oil cloth, vinyl, and laminated cotton to create anything from a makeup bag to a picnic blanket. These techniques will guide you!

how to buy a sewing machines

Tips for Buying a Sewing Machine

Consider these key elements when buying a sewing machine. From features to price, learn how to ask the right questions.

decorative top stitching

Decorative Top Stitching

Give your garment a quality finish with decorative topstitching. Here's how.

patternmaking tools

A Guide To Patternmaking Tools

Before you begin patternmaking, you'll need these tools. They aren't always found in sewing kits!

tailoring classes

Tailoring Classes: The Secret to Great-Fitting Clothes

Achieve a better look and fit with your garments with tailoring classes.

pattern grading

Pattern Grading

Learn pattern grading, a way of sizing patterns up (or down) while maintaining the original proportions, with this helpful tutorial.

how to sew by hand

How To Sew By Hand

Enjoy this lovely tutorial featuring 7 basic stitches for sewing by hand.

diy pattern drafting

DIY Pattern Drafting

Create your own designs! Discover several easy methods for pattern drafting.

sewing machine safety tips

Sewing Machine Safety Tips

Sew confidently and with ease with these great sewing machine safety tips.

fashion sewing blogs

Fashion Sewing Blogs

Whether you're seeking new patterns, inspiration, tips and tricks, or pattern reviews, these sewing blogs are a great place to find them all!

hand smocking

Hand Smocking Techniques

Hand smocking is a great way to add detail to garments. Learn more about this form of embroidery.

tissue fitting

Tissue Fitting

Tissue fitting is often a quicker alternative to creating a muslin. Learn more about what to look for when tissue fitting your sewing patterns.

hand smocking

Altering Commercial Patterns

Most people don't have measurements that match what the pattern companies use - here's how to alter the pattern to fit you!

sewing room tips

Sewing Room Tips

These sewing room tips will help you organize your own space for maximum sewing!

finding the best sewing lessons

Sewing Skills: Find the Best Sewing Lessons and Sewing Courses

If you're just learning how to sew or looking to advance your skills, sewing lessons are a great option. Find the right courses for you!

beginner sewing machine projects

Beautiful Beginner Sewing Machine Projects

Don't worry, there are plenty of beginner sewing machine projects you can tackle to practice your sewing skills and become confident in using your machine.

learn how to sew online

Making Friends with Your Sewing Machine: Learn to Sew Online

Your sewing machine doesn't need to be a mystery! Here are several ways you can learn to sew online.

sewing equipment: sewing machine

The Best Sewing Equipment

Learn about 6 pieces of sewing equipment that are essential for any home sewist. These basic items will help you to create your best work!

learn the rules of pattern grading

Pattern Grading Rules

These rules of pattern grading, including increasing proportionally, will help you to expertly grade designs to fit various sizes.