english paper piecing

English Paper Piecing, From Beginning to End

Achieve great precision with English Paper Piecing with this fun tutorial.

foundation paper piecing

Perfect Points: Using Foundation Paper Piecing

Tips and tricks for achieving absolutely perfection in your quilts with foundation paper piecing.

longarm quilting

The Ins and Outs of Longarm Quilting

Learn all about longarm-quilting: an easy, accessible option for finishing your quilts.

quilt bindings

Quilt Bindings - Framing Your Quilt

Learn two types of quilt bindings for finishing off the edges of your quilts with fantastic flair.

piecing quilt borders

Pieced Borders - For Quilts with Impact

Get creative with pieced borders to add a delightful element to your quilts.

choosing quilt colors

Choosing Quilt Colors - The Quilt Color Wheel

Learn how to choose great color combinations for your next quilting project.

how to clean a quilt

How To Clean Quilts

Learn how to care for and wash your quilts so that they last a lifetime.

raw edge applique

Exploring The Raw Edge Of Appliqué

Explore raw edge appliqué, a quick and fun technique with lovely results.

quilt borders

Quilt Borders - Frame that Quilt!

Frame your quilts with beautiful borders using these marvelous methods.

improv piecing

Improvisational Quilting - Having Fun with Piecing

Learn how to care for and wash your quilts so that they last a lifetime.


Trapunto: Make Your Quilt Pop

Add another dimension to your quilting with machine trapunto or traditional trapunto.

modern quilting blocks

Modern Quilting Blocks

Learn about the characteristics of modern blocks. Then have fun making your own with these design suggestions!

organizing your sewing room

Organizing Your Quilting Room

Make effective use of your quilting time! Organize your quilting room with these tips.

quilting tool kit

Quilting Kits- Keeping It All Together

Learn the essential quilting supplies for getting started.

quick quilts

Quick Quilts

From rag quilts to strip quilts, quick quilt ideas to the rescue!

modern quilt quilts

Discover Modern Quilt Guilds

Find inspiration and build friendships with quilters that love modern quilting as much as you!

mitered bindings

Mitered Bindings

Create neat durable corners with mitered binding.

prairie points

Exploring Prairie Points Quilting Techniques

Add visual interest to your project with prairie points within blocks, bordering blocks, or on the edge of your quilt.

thread painting

Thread Painting

Achieve realistic effects on art quilts and portrait quilts with thread painting. Here's how!

quilt guilds

Quilt Guilds - A Place to Connect, A Wealth of Information

What's a quilt guild? Learn about meeting other passionate quilters through quilt guilds' events.

free montion quilting

Free Motion Quilting

Have fun with design! Learn about free motion quilting: what you'll need and how to do it.

scrap quilting

Quilting with Scraps: Using Scraps to Create Quilts You Love

With these ideas for organizing and quilting with scraps, you'll bust your stash!

quilting authors

Quilting Authors: Building a Reference Library

Discover some of the best quilting authors and build a reference library to take your quilting skills to the next level.

quilt museums

Quilt Museums Across the U.S.

Explore the top quilt museums, carrying on the legacy of quilting in America, by region.

memory quilting

Memory Quilts: Keepsakes to Treasure

From weddings to graduation, quilts can be great ways to commemorate events. Explore types of memory quilts and how to make them here.

machine quilting in the ditch

Machine Quilting in the Ditch

Learn this method of quilting, which puts the emphasis on the quilt design, not the quilting stitches.

cutting techniques

Cutting Techniques For Keeping Things Straight

Successful quilting begins with accurate cutting. Learn a few great tips to help ensure that your cutting is precise.

free-motion quilting supplies

Free-Motion Quilting Supplies

Discover the best free-motion quilting supplies, from needles to sewing machine feet, and settings for your machine.

free motion quilting video

See It in Action: Free-Motion Quilting Video

Picture yourself free-motion quilting with more precision than ever before. We've got video tips from expert quilters to help you quilt with ease!

use freezer paper for quilting

Freezer Paper: Use it for Quilting

Freezer paper is great for transferring patterns when quilting. Learn more about why it's a must-have!

machine applique

Machine Appliqué: Time-Saving Techniques for Embellishment

Embellish your quilts with machine appliqué designs in a fraction of the time it takes to appliqué by hand.

machine quilting books

Machine Quilting Books

Looking to treat yourself to a new quilting book? Here are five recommended titles to take a look at!

rough edge appliqué

Rough Edge Appliqué

Rough edge appliqué is a simple-to-learn technique that can be used by even beginner quilters to create embellished designs.

machine quilting books

Machine Quilting Designs for Beginners

If you're planning to quilt a project yourself, be sure to choose a pattern that will be easy to quilt.

a short history of quilting

The History & Statistics of Quilting

Learn more about the fabulous hobby of quilting with this Craftsy Infographic!

playing with pattern and scale

Playing with Pattern & Scale

Have fun making beautiful quilts by effectively incorporating fabrics featuring different patterns and scales.

fat quarter patterns

Fat Quarter Patterns

Fat quarters are the ideal cut of fabric to for creating quilts! Learn about fat quarters and discover the best fat quarter patterns available.

embroidered quilts

Embroidered Quilts

Learn techniques and insider-tips for incorporating beautiful embroidery into your quilts.

jelly roll quilts

Explore Jelly Roll Quilts

The Jelly Roll has become a favorite pre-cut for quilters. Learn more about it and see examples here!

block of the month quilts

Fun with Block of the Month Quilts

There are many different options when it comes to BOM quilts. Here's how and why you should do it!

finishing a quilt top

How to Finish a Quilt Top: Getting it Done!

So you've finished piecing your quilt top and you're wondering what to do next. Enjoy this step-by-step tutorial for finishing your quilt top like a pro.

piecing with templates

Fun Piecing with Templates

Templates are perfect for the beginner quilter who wants to achieve accuracy.

modern quilts

Fresh Modern Quilts: Inspiring Quilts to Make Today

Get inspired by the rejuvenating quality of the variety of fresh modern quilt designs available for quilters. Innovate!

patchwork quilts

Patchwork Quilting: Yesterday's Tradition, Today's Pastime

Patchwork quilting has been around for centuries. Explore this form of art, and learn how you can use it today.

What to do with Scrap Fabric

What to do With Scrap Fabric

Are you elbow-deep in scrap fabric? Learn some great tips for organizing your scraps and deciding what to do with them next.

The Best Quilting Supplies

The Best Quilting Supplies for a Successful Start

When you're just starting out with quilting, it's important to have some key supplies. Learn which quality tools it pays to invest in, and which ones you can get on the cheap.