Armscye: Take the Fear Out of Set-In Sleeves

Discover how to knit custom-fit armscyes with ease.

pattern drafting 101

Pattern Drafting For Knitters: Getting Started

Share your brilliant knit designs with the world! Learn the essentials of pattern drafting.

how to knit in the round

Taking the Fear Out of Knitting in the Round

Learn three great methods for knitting in the round in this fun step by step tutorial.

knitting lace

Lovely Lace Knitting

Methods for knitting lace to create intricate designs that will delight.

sock knitting

Socks Knit Up, Down and In the Round

Keep your toes warm in style! Explore a variety of sock knitting options.


Steeking Doesn't Have To Be Scary

With these tips for steeking, the cutting won't be as scary and you'll be able to put this shortcut to good use.

Knitting Sleek Cowls

Knitting Sleek Cowls

Delight in the perfect inspiration for creating your own trendy knit cowl.


Gauge, and Why It Matters

Don't skip the critical first step of any knitting project: getting gauge. Here's why!

picking up a dropped stitch

How To Pick Up A Dropped Stitch

Fixing a dropped stitch is easy to do. Enjoy this step by step tutorial.

left handed knitting

To The Left-Handed Knitters: You Can Knit Your Own Way

Understand why Continental knitting is often a better fit for left handed knitting.

brioche stitch

The Brioche Stitch

Create a ribbed pattern with a bit more stretch and flair using the brioche stitch. Here's how!

knitting darts

Knitting Darts to Create the Perfect Fit

Use short row darts and vertical darts to adjust the fit of any garment.

stranded knitting

Stranded Knitting - What Is It?

Tips and tricks for playing with beautiful colors with stranded knitting.

top down knitting

Take It From The Top: Top Down Knitting

Explore top down knitting and find out why it might be the best technique for your next project.

raglan sleeves

Understanding Raglan Sleeves

You'll love how effortlessly raglan sleeves take shape in your garment. Learn more here.

choosing colors for knitting

Knitting with Color: How To Make Your Knitting Pop

Explore color theory to learn how to select great complementary colors for your knits.

lace knitting stitches

Lace Knitting Stitches

From reversible lace to netting, these lace knitting stitches will spice up your knitting repertoire!

how to steam block

How To Steam Block

Learn how to shape knit garments with the gentle steam blocking technique.


Purling the Night Away

Join along as we demystify the purl stitch and learn to purl a variety of ways.

binding off

Knitting Binding Off: The Finish Line of All Your Hard Work

Bring your knitting home with these two methods for binding-off.

cable knitting

Learn How to Knit Cables: It's Easy!

Add visual interest to your knits! Get creative with knitting cables.

japanese knitting technique

Japanese Knitting Technique

Discover the Japanese short row technique, similar to a wrap but executed a different way.

cast on knitting

Cast On Knitting: Where It All Starts!

Discover two cast-on knitting techniques that are easy for beginners to learn and create an even firm edge.

basic knitting stitches

Basic Knitting Stitches, The Building Blocks

Explore five basic knitting stitches for making beautiful projects.

knitwear designers

Knitwear Designers From Around The World

Get inspired by regional knitwear designers and discover what makes them unique.

armenian knitting technique

The Armenian Knitting Technique for Stranded Knitting

Learn the popular Armenian knitting technique for regularly tacking your non-working yarn to your piece as you go.

armhole shaping

Armhole Shaping: Style and Fit

If you love sweaters, be sure to explore these three different types of armhole construction to understand their aesthetic differences.

blocking your garments

Blocking Your Garments

Give your garments the shape you desire with blocking. Here's how.

design and knit your own shawl

Design Your Own Shawl

Express your creativity! With these ideas for designing your own shawl you'll be knitting a custom wardrobe in no time.

knit finishing

Finishing Your Knitting with Finesse

Enjoy these quick tips for finishing your knitting with ease.

knitting inspiration

Knitting Inspirations

Ready to begin a new project? Explore these helpful knitting ideas will get you heading in the right direction.

joining knitting in the round

Joining Knitting in the Round

Learn 2 methods for joining knitting in the round in this quick step by step tutorial.

jacquard knitting technique

Jacquard Knitting Technique

A double-sided jacquard knit will have pattern on both sides and will be double thick. Find out more about this technique.

knitting abbreviation guide

A Guide to Knitting Abbreviations

Get ready to begin your project! With this helpful guide you'll understand knitting abbreviations in no time.

knitting with novelty yarn

Knitting with Novelty Yarn

Make even classic patterns appear modern and chic with novelty yarns like chenille, ribbon yarn, and more.

taking body measurements

Taking Body Measurements

Learn how to match your knits to your size and shape by taking the right body measurements.

knit finishing

Knit Finishing

Learn fun techniques for finishing your knitting projects.

shaping with short rows

Shaping a Garment with Short Rows and a Wrap Stitch

Create curves in your knits with short rows and a wrap stitch. Learn how here.

certified knitting instructor

How to Become a Certified Knitting Instructor

Want to prove to the world you're an awesome knitter? Find out how to become a certified knitting instructor.

peruvian knitting technique

Peruvian Knitting Technique

Introducing the Peruvian knitting technique, a new needle hold for faster knitting.

finishing knitting

Finishing Your Knitting

Knitting projects don't end as soon as you get them off the needle. Learn tips on the final, finishing touches for any knitting projects.

fast knitting projects

Fast Knitting Projects

Need a gift fast? Here are some ideas for knitting projects you can finish in a flash.

double-point needles

How to Knit on Double-Point Needles

Get pointers on how to make knitting on double-point needles work for you.

knitting books

4 Go-To Knitting Books for Your Library

When you get the itch to knit, these are the four knitting books you shouldn't live without.

vintage knitting tools

Vintage Knitting Tools

Stroll back through time to check out some of the knitting tools our grandmothers used.

knitting machines

Knitting Machines

Machine knitting is a different beast from knitting by hand, offering new possibilities and different styles.

knitting increases

Knitting Increases: Shape Your Knits

Find out how to do five of the most basic knitting stitch increases to give shape to your knit projects!

double sided knitting

All About Double-Sided Knitting

Want a knitted piece that looks just as good on one side as it does on the other? Give double-sided knitting a try

circular knitting needle sizes

Explore Circular Knitting Needle Sizes

Discover the vast world of circular knitting needles; find the most useful sizes and the projects that work best for each!

fair isle tutorial

Enjoy a Fair Isle Tutorial

Get started with beautiful multi-color knitting by learning the main tricks to Fair Isle knitting.

loose bind off knitting how to

Loose Bind-Offs for Stretchier Edges

Sometimes, you just want a stretchier edge, for a sock that won't pinch or a sweater that will fit over your head. Here's how!

estonian lace

The Nupps and Bolts of Estonian Lace

Have you ever wondered what a nupp is? Discover this central feature of Estonian lace, and the elegant texture it can add to your projects.

pattern adjustments

Making Pattern Adjustments for Garments That Work for You

Learn how any pattern can be adjusted, in terms of sizing, structure, yarns and more, to make exactly the garment you want.

sleeve knitting

Five Types of Knitted Sleeves to Master

Explore five essential categories of knitted sleeves to try on your next garment!

how to sell handknit designs

Where and How to Sell Your Hand Knits

Learn the secrets to successfully selling your handknit designs.

casting on methods for knitting

The Ins and Outs of Casting On

Learn two methods for casting on in knitting: Long Tail and German Twisted.

Orenburg lace shawl

Knitters Who Inspire Us: Galina Khmeleva

A look into the life and work of Galina Khmeleva: knitting guru, teacher and inspiration.

Balls of Super Bulky Knitting Yarn

From Lace to Bulky: Know Your Knitting Yarn Weights

Getting familiar with the various yarn weights can be intimidating, especially if you're a beginning knitter. Expert Ashley Little demystifies weights, describing types and characteristics of each.