cake decorating supplies

Cake Decorating Supplies

Begin your delectable cake decorating journey with these essential cake decorating supplies.

cake stencils

Cake Stencil 411

Make a stunning cake! Discover how to use cake stencils for impressive cake decorating.

how to make modeling chocolate flowers

How To Make Modeling Chocolate Flowers

With this tutorial you'll create fun modeling chocolate flowers any of three different ways with ease!

royal icing recipe

How To Use Modeling Chocolate To Cover A Cake

Learn how to cover a cake in modeling chocolate to achieve a great look and even better taste.

modeling chocolate vs fondant vs gum paste

Fondant vs. Modeling Chocolate vs. Gum Paste: Compare & Contrast

Discover the pros and cons of modeling chocolate vs fondant vs gum paste. We promise, this visual will bring clarity you never thought possible!

how to quickly cool a cake

How To Quickly Cool A Cake

Discover how to cool your cakes quickly without breakage or stress.

how to use fondant cutters

How To Use Fondant Cutters

Put fondant cutters to work for your cakes: frills, flowers, and more.

fodant tools for ruffling

How To Ruffle Fondant

See how to create beautiful fondant ruffles, perfect for your next cake.

how to work with cakes in the summer

Working with Cakes in the Summer

Learn great tips for working with cakes in the summer and avoiding heat catastrophes!

stabilizing american buttercream

Stabilizing American Buttercream

Learn an easy recipe for stabilizing American Buttercream. Quick and delicious!

cake decorating tips and their uses

Cake Decorating Tips & Their Uses

Check out this Craftsy Infographic to learn about the different cake piping tips and how to use them.

how to make fondant decorations

How To Make Fondant Decorations

From fondant bows to pearls, flowers and more, learn how to bring beautiful fondant decorations to life. Create cakes that wow!

what's the best brand of fondant

The Good, the Bad and the Tasty: A Comparison of Fondant Brands

Writer Lesley Wright shares her perspective of the uses, pros and cons of Fondant Brands.

Fondant Roller Uses

Cake Decorating Supplies: The Fondant Roller

Get smooth fondant every time with the fondant roller. Jessie Oleson Moore explores the the fondant roller's benefits and uses.

Learn How to Stack a Cake

Structure Matters: How to Stack a Cake

Every cake needs a solid foundation, but especially a stacked cake! Learn proper techniques for stacking a layered cake in this step-by-step tutorial.

Fondant Roller Uses

How to Make Quick & Easy Fondant Flowers

These fondant flowers are whimsical, modern and fun—in addition to being fast and easy to create!

Why and How to Sift

Sift Happens: How and Why We Sift Flour

For cake bakers, sifting is very important. Learn why it is so imporant to sift, and get tips for proper sifting technique.

The Purpose of Eggs in Baking

Good Eggs: The Many Purposes of Eggs in Baking

What exactly is the purpose of eggs in the baking process? Examine the various roles that eggs play in cakes and other baked goods, and get a few tips on how to use them best.

Cake Decorating: History, Oveview, Techniques

Cake Decorating: History, Overview and Techniques

Cake designer Lynlee Beckett offers detailed insight into the art of cake decorating, from a short history to an overview of popular methods and techniques.

Gluten Free Flour for Baking

Gluten-Free Flour for Baking

Learn about the various types of gluten-free flours available for baking, from Amaranth to Teff, including which flour is best suited to cakes.

Metric Conversion Chart

Metric Conversion Guide

What does 8 ounces equal to in grams? Use this metric conversion chart to find the answers to your conversion confusion. Includes temperature, pan sizes, volume and more.

Hand Mixers vs Stand Mixers

Hand Mixer vs. Stand Mixer

Mixed up about mixers? Learn the differences between a hand mixer and a stand mixer and the best uses for each.