See It in Action: Free-Motion Quilting Videos

By Lindsay Conner

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If you are a visual learner, you'll agree that it helps to have a video tutorial or interactive course to practice a new skill. The same is true with free-motion quilting! Whether it's your very first quilt or your hundredth, a free-motion quilting video can help give you the confidence you need to branch out into a new style of quilting.

In her online class Machine Quilting: Free-Motion & More, Wendy Butler Berns shares everything from marking your free-motion designs onto the quilt top to a variety of quilting patterns, ranging from simple to complex. In this free-motion quilting video clip, she talks about a few free-motion designs such as a sun, flowers and square spirals.

Quilter Cindy Needham discusses free-motion quilting in this video clip from her online course Design It, Quilt It: Free-Form Techniques. As Cindy explains, she creates an S-curve down the center of a diamond to section off the shape. She then quilts free-motion feathers to the left and right of each side of the stem.

Free-motion quilting video instructor Leah Day teaches the Craftsy courses Free-Motion Fillers: Vol. 1 and Free-Motion Quilting a Sampler. In this video, she shows how to quilt the pointy paisley, an echoing free-motion quilting design with triangles jutting out of a central point. Leah shares many instructional videos on her YouTube channel, including a video quilt along which teaches how to assemble a quilt from start to finish.

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If you're interested in learning more about free-motion quilting, you might consider signing up for a video course. The benefits of an interactive video course include access to the instructors and classmates, in case you need to ask questions. For instance, quilters often have trouble adjusting their sewing machine's settings to accommodate free-motion quilting. Help is just a click away when you ask your classmates for advice!

Another benefit to taking an online Craftsy quilting course is the ability to pause the video, bookmark your favorite techniques, and return to a lesson any time you need to review a step. In addition to those mentioned above, some free-motion quilting video classes offered through Craftsy include:

Machine Quilting with Templates: Creating Design Perfection with Kimmy Brunner: Learn how to free-motion quilt geometric designs with precision. Plastic templates are used to quilt unique, freehand filler designs on a long-arm or home sewing machine.

Beyond Basic Machine Quilting with Ann Petersen: Quilted feathers, flowers, swirls, stems and leaves are made approachable in this free-motion quilting video course. Ann's well-rounded approach to quilting includes tips for preparing and finishing your quilts.

Machine Quilting Negative Space and Free-Motion Quilting with Feathers with Angela Walters: In these complementary free-motion quilting video classes, Angela shares how to quilt modern designs on a long-arm machine or on your home sewing machine.

Thread Art with Lola Jenkins: In this video course, free-motion quilting techniques are used to add color and texture to art quilts, collages and portrait quilts. Her thread painting (link to other article) techniques incorporate blending, shading and hatching to make realistic portraits.

Whatever your learning style, free-motion quilting videos are a great way to combine visual and auditory learning with a hands-on approach.

What's your favorite free-motion quilting tip?

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