Hopeful Marilyn

London, Ontario, Canada

I'm a retired nurse who loves to crochet and knit. I have done a lot of knitting but nothing too taxing. I'm so inspired coming to this site and looking at what others have done.


Hopeful Marilyn's Wishlist: Patterns

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Flower Cardigan by ewelina123


Turtle pattern by DIY Fluffies


Amigurumi Nativity by Gourmet Crochet


Weinstock by dyod*Studio by Kerrie James


Crochet Baby Owl Blanket by Poochie Baby


Seaside Shawl by Amanda Lilley Designs


Winter Berries by Tricotbec


Tangerine Trifle by getoffmylawndesigns.com


Streusel by Blue Peninsula


Porcelain Berry Shawl by Bubble Birds


Millepertuis by Tricotbec


Dichotomy by Tricotbec


Kornblomst shawl by Martha Simonsen Designs


Tiare Shawl & Scarf by WendysKnitch


Holbrook Shawl by Design by Dee


Logwood Shawl by Verybusymonkey Designs


Flower Crochet Amelie PHOTO tutorial by SOLES


Waterfall Earrings by earringsbyerin