My neighbor taught me to crochet when I was a kid. I taught myself to knit in college because I wanted to make a Doctor Who scarf. I didn't know anyone at the time who knit.


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Short Sheep Socks by Audrey's Patterns


Simple Waffle Baby Blanket by Daisy Gray Knits


Battenburg Lace Scarf by Pam Powers Knits


Plush Bed for a Cat or Dog by Shiri Designs


FREE Gratitude Flower by Bonita Patterns


Teddy Bear by Little Abbee


Gabriel the Grey Wolf by AdrialysHC Designs


Tiger Kerusha. by Liliksha Toys


Madison Bear by Gourmet Crochet


Puppy Dog by Huggable Bears


Toybox Bear by Maggies Toybox


Knit Cocker Spaniel by Rainebo Designs


Toy Dog by Rian Anderson


Zeb the zebra by MadisonsCraftNook


Peter Puss by Sew Silly Lily Patterns


Need a Hug Bear by Huggable Bears


Urban Wrap by neoknits