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Lout Drop Spindle course kit


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Unwind while practicing the ancient craft of spindling. Drucilla Pettibone introduces you to easy and inexpensive spinning methods in Spindling: From Fluff to Stuff. To start spinning with Drucilla, this custom kit designed by Lout is complete with a quality drop spindle and three unique fibers to help you get spinning right away. For over a 35 years, the Lout team in Holland has been working to create a superior line of spinning tools and the spindling kit is the perfect compliment to Drucilla Pettibone's course.

Full Weaving Kit Details

  • Drop Spindle Bottom Whorl
  • Blue Faced Leicester Carded Sliver (1.5 oz)
  • Jacob Grey Wool (1.5 oz)
  • Medium New Zealand Natural Roving (1.5 oz)