Olfa Spinning Square Cutting Mats

Olfa Spinning Square Cutting Mats
If you are frustrated with endless fabric cuts, switch to the Olfa Spinning Rotary Mat! This unique product features a rotating action with 30°, 45°, 60° and 90° angles in each quadrant, eliminating the need to turn your body with every cut. This self-healing mat protects your rotary blades from damage, and its non-slip back keeps it stable while you're cutting. Lightweight and compact, you can take it with you anywhere! Choose from two sizes: 12 inches or 17 inches.

Olfa Spinning Square Cutting Mats

  • Includes: 1 self-healing spinning mat, 1.5mm thick
  • Materials: Plastic
  • Ideal for: Cutting square, triangles, diamonds, circles and any other shapes without rotating the mat or your body
  • Other Features:
    • Smoothly rotates °360 and simplifies making accurate cuts with °30 °45, °60 and °90 angles
    • Non-slip back provides stability and safety
    • Protects cutting surfaces and extends life of your Rotary Cutter


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