Weeks Ringle
Craftsy Instructor

Oak Park, Illinois

Weeks Ringle is the co-founder of Modern Quilt Studio (previously FunQuilts), a contemporary quilt design studio in Oak Park, Illinois. Weeks and her husband, Bill Kerr, began making modern quilts in 1999, using their graduate design degrees to bring a modern voice to the quilt world. Modern Quilt Studio launched the first-ever magazine exclusively dedicated to modern quilting, Modern Quilts Illustrated, in 2011. Weeks and Bill's ... Read Full Bio »

Weeks's Craftsy Classes


Designing Modern Quilts

Learn to design quilts that reflect our times. Weeks provides the tools necessary to scratch your expressive itch, offering fresh perspectives on color, prints, patterns and quilt construction. The class includes five "explorations" that will tap your creativity and expand your approach to designing quilts. Weeks also shares her brainstorm-in-a-box approach to finding design inspiration in surprising places. Along with her partner Bill Kerr, Weeks has pioneered the art of modern quilting over the last 13 years, writing books, publishing Modern Quilt Studio magazine and designing over 100 fabrics. This theory-based class also serves as a retrospective of Bill and Weeks' work, showcasing nearly 50 quilts, including Weeks' never-displayed-before first attempt at modern quilting.

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