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Rick Allred studied photojournalism at New Mexico State University, and in 1996 he helped to launch the digital program at Santa Fe Photographic Workshops in New Mexico. Rick spent five years as the head of the photography department at the Hui No’eau Visual Arts Center on the island of Maui, Hawaii, before returning to Santa Fe to continue teaching. Today, he serves as head of the digital lab at Santa Fe Photographic Workshops, teaching Adobe ... Read Full Bio »

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Mastering Exposure

Light is the most important factor for your photos — make it work for you with the right exposure. Join Santa Fe Photographic Workshops instructor Jennifer Spelman as she demystifies exposure for photography with foundational skills that will inform every image you make from here on out. During class, Jennifer will teach you to assess the important factors in your photo environment and adjust your exposure accordingly. Then, you'll discover the importance of metering before you learn how exposure can help play up both depth and motion. Want to be prepared even in difficult light? Jennifer will set you up for success in challenging situations and guide you through extremes that can occur in everyday light. Plus, you'll even find out how to use exposure to alter the mood and capture the story you want.


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Basics of Flash Photography

Discover the essentials of gorgeous flash photography, without the “look” of the flash. Join Santa Fe Photographic Workshops instructor Rick Allred as he shares techniques for gaining control of your flash, and demonstrates which features on your camera affect flash strength and which don’t. Then, get Rick’s tips for creating a flash cheat sheet to keep your mind off the math when you’re in the middle of a shoot, and find out how to achieve a softer look in your images using a bounce flash. Moving on, learn how to adjust your flash, whether you’re inside or outside, and flex your creative muscles by giving your photos a painterly feel with a handheld flash and long exposure time. Rick even makes a few mistakes on purpose, so that you learn how to fix or use those slip-ups for one-of-a-kind results that always impress.

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Basics of Digital Photography

Move beyond auto mode and gain control of your photographs with step-by-step guidance from Santa Fe Photographic Workshops instructor Rick Allred. Master your camera’s features and join Rick in the field as he reveals how to find flattering light and shoot successfully in shade, harsh sunlight and challenging low light. Learn to use shutter speed and depth of field to maximize detail, minimize distractions and create the best photos possible. Discover the limitless potential of zoom, wide-angle and telephoto lenses and find out how to use a polarizer to make bright colors pop. Discover inspiring ideas for compelling compositions and start taking photographs you’re proud to share.

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