Kyle Kwiatkowski
Craftsy Instructor

Denver, Co

I am a 30 year old woodworker focused on custom furniture and cabinets. I wasn't always involved in the art of woodworking but instead engulfed myself in the back breaking world of roofing for nearly 10 years until I couldn't handle the pain in the back that it was; hence the career change and frankly the happier life.

Kyle's Craftsy Classes


Custom Built-In Shelves

Dive into making built-in shelves alongside carpenter and instructor Kyle Kwiatkowski. In this woodworking class from Craftsy and Lowe's, you'll get step-by-step guidance for everything from surveying your space to installing your shelving. Start by learning to design shelving that's perfect for your space and needs. Then, select the best materials for your shelving and create cut lists to determine how much material you need. From there, you'll see how to fabricate your uprights and shelves, and assemble your shelving unit. You'll also get Kyle's expert instruction on properly installing your shelves to the wall, and creating a beautiful finished product with face frames and molding. Plus, you'll pick up professional tips for patching up holes and fixing any imperfections. 


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Three Essential Dovetails

Advance your craft and learn how to make dovetail joints that are both functional and beautiful dovetail joints. Join expert woodworker and instructor Kyle Kwiatkowski as he guides you through wood selection and material preparation for through, half-blind and canted joints. Get helpful strategies for cutting these dovetails, approaching shoulder lines and cleaning out waste. Learn a variety of chisel techniques for pristine waste removal and confidently cut your pins using the tails as your template. Successfully define shoulder lines and true up your pins on all three joints. Then, use graphite or learn to spot signs of burnishing to find areas where you need to shave the wood to achieve a perfect fit. Plus, get troubleshooting tips and helpful tricks for achieving a snug join for strong, handsome dovetails you'll proudly showcase in your workshop or home.


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Custom Built-In Shelves
Attaching Shelves With Nailing Strips
Through Dovetail
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