Esther Rodgers
Craftsy Instructor

Mebane, North Carolina

Esther is a full time fiber artist from Mebane NC. She is known as a creative art yarn spinner and for her unique fiber preparation. Esther is also a weaver and knitter which gives her the perspective of how these creative yarns can be used. She is constantly evolving her spinning techniques to create new textures and is on the cutting edge in terms of yarn design. Esther is very conscious of where her fiber comes from, sourcing her wool from ... Read Full Bio »

Esther's Craftsy Classes


Fiber Preparation for Spinning

Get the custom look and feel you want by prepping your own fiber! Join popular instructor and creative spinner Esther Rodgers and learn how to use a variety of tools such as carders, combs and hackles to ready your fiber and create unique blends. Along the way, Esther will teach you basic techniques for picking and rolling fiber such as unspun wool as well as using hand and drum carders. You'll also discover how to easily remove your fiber as punis, batts and rolags. Want to create unique color blends? Esther will show you how to use a blending board to do just that. Plus, you'll see how to use hackles to produce striking layered colorways and stripes. 



Upcoming Events

Mar '16 31

Mar 31, 2016 - Apr 02, 2016
Interweave Yarn Fest- Fort Collins, CO Expressive Spinning and Yarn Design: Concept Yarns (3 hours): Thursday Morning Tailspinning: The Long and Short of It! (3 hours): Thursday Afternoon. Color Blending: Combed and Carded, Unlocking the Spectrum (3 hours): Thursday Evening. Wild Fiber: Getting Creative with Your Fiber Prep (6 hours): Friday Wildplying: Beehives, Bobbles, Crescents and Coils (3 hours): Saturday Morning. Corespinning for Funk and Function (3 hours): Saturday Afternoon. Twisted Together: Crepe, Cables and the Endless Possibilities of Layered Plying (3 hours): Sunday.

Apr '16 21

Apr 21, 2016 - Apr 24, 2016
PlyAway Spinning Retreat Wild Fiber Preparations- Friday full day Wild Carding Sat AM Wild Combing Sat PM Wild Combing Sun AM| Wild Carding Sun PM

Jul '16 24

Jul 24, 2016 - Jul 29, 2016
John C Campbell Folk School, Brasstown NC Creative Spinning- Journey from Prep to Ply in this 4.5 day intensive we'll work through the entire process from dyeing our own fiber.. to preparing it on all the tools- drum carders, hackles, combs and blending boards. We'll work on color progressions with fractal spinning and then move onto creative art yarn techniques. Students will finish the week by designing their personal "Story" yarn.

Esther's Projects

Butterfly Kisses- Mindless Doodle Shawl
Cool Rainbows Shawlette
Combed Fiber Prep
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