Betsy Hershberg
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Philadelphia, PA

Betsy Hershberg is a lifelong knitter whose world was turned upside-down and inside-out when she learned how to bead knit in 2002. As ideas for combining beads and fiber began to take over her knitting brain, she found herself on an unexpected journey which has forever altered the way she thinks about her "left-brained" self and the creative process. She is thrilled to share some of these discoveries, along with unique bead knitting techniques, ... Read Full Bio »

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Brilliant Knit Beads

Betsy Hershberg, author of Betsy Beads: Confessions of a Left-Brained Knitter, discovered the adventurous artist inside her ... and you will too. In Brilliant Knit Beads, Betsy shows you how to turn simple 2-D swatches into sparkling, one-of-a-kind beads and necklaces, read charts and master knitting on a small scale. You'll learn how to choose the perfect fibers and beads, two easy techniques for knitting pre-strung beads between and onto stitches, and four different kinds of knitted, beaded "wrappers." Betsy's techniques are perfect for skilled knitters or ambitious beginners. You'll pick up lots of innovative techniques that you can use in other knitting projects, including the provisional crocheted cast-on, the Kitchener graft and the zipper graft, which creates a seamless join for bead-knit fabric. Unclasp your creativity and design an infinite array of beads and jewelry!


What's New

I'm happy to share that I was interviewed for the Australian arts website Zone One Arts and the interview is now posted, along with lots of lovely photos, on their website at As time permits, wander around this site and check out some of the fascinating and unique artists profiled there. Both interesting AND inspiring. I'm so proud to have my work recognized and showcased there. Enjoy the site!
Good news! My book, Betsy Beads: Confessions of a Left-brained Knitter is now available for sale here on Craftsy. And at 34% off! Shop here: Betsy Beads Book for Sale
Thanks to some wonderful students I now have a group on Ravelry! We're sharing wonderful bead knitting projects, asking questions, getting answers and building a lovely little community. Another fun place to OBSESS about beads and knitting!! You KNOW what I'm talking about, right? Join us! Betsy Beads! Fans

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