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Amy King is a renowned fiber artist, author and owner of Spunky Eclectic, a fiber studio and online community for artists. She is best known for her fiber samples and the Spunky Eclectic fiber club that she founded. She is also the author of Spin Control: Techniques for Spinning the Yarn You Want. Amy has been called ?a spinning force to be reckoned with,? but really, she simply enjoys helping people get started with their wheels and take ... Read Full Bio »

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Spinning Stupendous Singles

Spinning singles can seem tricky at first, but fiber studio owner and spinning instructor Amy King is here to help you make gorgeous, lightweight yarns! Begin by learning what materials and tools you need to make well-spun singles. Then, start spinning bold, energized singles that add a unique energy to your work. Next up, discover Amy's techniques for making stunning stand-alone singles with tips for pre-drafting, evaluating and setting yarns. Move on to flex your spinning muscles by changing the thickness, or grist, of yarns and learning how to spin with consistency. Once you master grist, find out how to add intrigue with thick-and-thin singles that alternate colors and fibers, before exploring the creative possibilities of novelty yarns. Finish class with tips for spinning marled, wrapped, coiled and beehive singles that add incredible texture to your work.


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Foundations of Spinning

Learn what to do after you take your wheel out of the box, with expert guidance from renowned fiber artist and author Amy King. You’ll begin by getting to know your wheel, its drive system and what each part does. Next, get warm and fuzzy with fiber! Learn about different fiber types and the various states in which you may find your fleece. Discover proper posture and hand placement as you prepare to spin. Amy will also work through a few wheel games to familiarize your body with these new movements. Then, find out how to attach a leader to the bobbin as you practice spinning with several different fibers. You’ll work through honing your skills, creating twists and even journaling your yarn to track your impressive improvements! Plus, explore a variety of plies as you learn Andean plying, plying from bobbins, cable and more before finishing your yarn with ease. Finally, find out how to care for your wheel so that it’s always ready to go for a spin!

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