How to Start a Cake Business

with Lisa Raffael

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Turn your affection for sweet confections into a career with expert advice and guidance from award-winning cake artist Lisa Raffael. Read More…

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Class Description

Let award-winning cake artist and pastry chef Lisa Raffael guide you through starting your own cake decorating business. Learn how to navigate U.S. zoning laws, business permits and tax codes. Discover the options for where to start your business, from working at home to renting commercial kitchen space, and the pros and cons of each. Get Lisa's advice for developing the right name and logo, building an online presence, gracefully handling client meetings and more. Plus, Lisa offers invaluable advice on managing time, maximizing efficiency and keeping costs to a minimum. Turn your passion into a profession. The demand for one-of-a-kind cakes has never been higher!

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Lesson Plan


Lesson 1. Meet Lisa Raffael

  • Meet your instructor, Lisa Raffael, an award-winning cake designer and a three-time winner on Food Network’s Cake Challenge.


Lesson 2. The Necessary Paperwork

  • Learn how to work with the local zoning board and health department and whether you should bake from home, if zoning allows, or rent a commercial kitchen.


Lesson 3. Naming & Registering Your Business

  • Lisa leads a discussion on how to trademark your business name and how to structure and register your new enterprise.


Lesson 4. Dollars & Sense

  • Get tips from a tax expert before Lisa discusses the importance of knowing all of your fixed and variable costs and how to price your cakes.


Lesson 5. Debuting Your Cake Business

  • It’s time to go public! Learn how to make your logo and website stand out among the crowd and where and how you should advertise.


Lesson 6. Social Media

  • Harnessing the power of social media will be paramount to your success. Learn about how to use social-media sites to promote your business.


Lesson 7. Meet the Client

  • Learn how to run smooth client consultations that value you and your client’s time and end with a signed contract.


Lesson 8. The Cake Timeline

  • Plan your time accordingly as Lisa advises how to develop a timeline and checklist and consider what can be done ahead of time.


Lesson 9. Delivering the Cake

  • Lisa takes the stress out of this final detail by sharing her experience and tips for getting your cake to its destination on time and intact!

"Lisa is so informative. She explains all of her details thoroughly, yet manages to not over-explain or spend more time on any one topic than necessary. She answers every question — and she does so quickly and respectfully. Thank you so much for this course...I've enjoyed ever minute of it and I'm sure I'll get more out of it each time I review it!"
- Jenny Craig
Silverton, Oregon

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Student Projects

The Business of Cake by Lisa Raffael
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  • The Business of Cake
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  • Working on a Cake
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  • Food Network Competition
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