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Authentic Italian Soups

From Broth to Bowl

with Domenica Marchetti
Bring family and friends together around your table with classic Italian soups you can create from scratch!

Enjoy a tour of 10 of Italy’s most delicious soups! Cookbook author Domenica Marchetti guides you through developing flavor with classic aromatics to make a heavenly brodo di carne, and shows you how to transform this classic meat broth into irresistible chicken noodle soup or decadent egg and parmesan stracciatella. Learn how to make light and flavorful crepes for rich crespelle in brodo, and delve into creamy soups with a velvety cauliflower purée and a roasted butternut squash and fennel soup. Roast and sauté vegetables to enhance their distinct flavors, and create a balanced vegetable broth to serve as the base for minestrone,  pasta e fagioli and robust ribollita. Ensure your soups are always perfectly garnished with Domenica’s creative tips, and enjoy simple, satisfying soups every night of the week!

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Lesson plan


Lesson 1. Classic Meat Broth

  • Meet Italian soup expert Domenica Marchetti and learn her authentic recipe for brodo di carne, a fundamental Italian meat broth, one of two broths that you'll make in this class.


Lesson 2. From Meat Broth to Soup


Lesson 3. Creamy & Puréed Soups


Lesson 4. Vegetable Broth


Lesson 5. Making Minestrone


Lesson 6. Hearty Vegetable Soups


Lesson 7. Garnishing Your Soups

"Domenica's video lessons are a nice gateway medium to her cookbooks. Disclosure: I own all of them. So why did I purchase the video lessons? Ever love a novel and hope a good movie could be made of it? Well, her encouragement, knowledge and down to earth voice in her books is all the more real when she speaks from my laptop. And frankly, when you see her massage a pan of carrots, celery, onions and herbs with olive oil, well, it just shows you how much she cares about bringing out the best flavors in the most common ingredients. ... Touches like a clove studded onion and beef marrow bones enrich chicken broth. A lesson on garnishes puts a fancy and flavorful finish on some soups yet only takes a few minutes to prepare. Honestly, my biggest lesson from Authentic Italian Soups was learning how refined, extraordinary and memorable these soups taste."
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