Created by: Angela Tong

Woven Doll Blanket

You Can Make This

Angela Tong made Woven Doll Blanket with:

  • Lulu's Yarns
  • 100% SuperWash Merino
  • fingering weight Arbor Loom 4" X 4"

Q&A with Angela Tong

Carmie asked:
That is so cute. I need to get back to weaving. I have a Kromski ridgid heddle and haven't touched it in 4 months, too many crafts, not enough time!
Angela Tong answered:
Thank you. I also have a Kromski Harp Loom. Weaving is a lot fun. I agree that there is never enogh time to craft all the things we want to do.
6or8or12 asked:
I have one of these looms made out of bakelite plastic with metal pins. I've made a few small things. I prefer crocheting but sometimes it's fun to change it up a little. I like all your projects. Nice work.
Angela Tong answered:
Thank you.
Craftsy asked:
such beautiful and full color tone! Love it :)
Angela Tong answered:
Thank you.