Wool Braided Rag Rug

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I finished it!! I love all the colors and I hope it continues to lay flat. I steamed it to get it to flatten some more and my dog found the rug warm enough to lay on afterwards. What advice would you give someone starting this project? To read a few books on braiding rugs. Pick the same weight fabric, wool. Take it slow and don't stitch too tight so that it keeps buckling. In fact skip a braid or two when sewing together to help it stay flat. I washed all the wool and dryed in dryer. Using reclaimed wool is a lot of work to take apart clothes. If you can use new or wool that was from the bolt, that would be better. Also, Toby made me a big table to use for my rug. You need a large table to keep it flat while sewing it together. He also made me a stand to hold the fabric while I braid.

What you will need

  • recycled wool clothes

Q&A with cozycornerscraf

mmmcaninch asked:
Beautiful. I am wanting to try branding rugs but find the wool so expensive. Have you found a good place to buy wool?
cozycornerscraf answered:
Try thrift stores and get older wool blankets and try to stay in the same colors, like red, white, blue or what ever. Good luck~
asbashore4001306 asked:
How do you clean really old wool (50+) yrs old garments. I plan on making a small braided rug with it.
cozycornerscraf answered:
I have a front load washing machine and I just wash wool in that and air dry. Also washing seems to felt it some so there is less chance of further shrinking. I played around with different older wool. If you do use older wool, try to get them all the same weight. Like I started to pick up older wool blankets and was hoping they would work better than a suit weight wool. Just another idea I had for wool, so I have collected several blankets from the thrift store and are in the same color. As for using a light weight next to heavy, it will not be as nice. I also have been practicing more on old t-shirts since they give a lot, it is easier to see how to work the fabric in to a circle. I also used old cotton sheets and made a small rug. Let me know how it goes!!