Pillow 3- My Own Design

What you will need

Q&A with jollyjeanne@yahoo.com

CraftingWannabe asked:
I LOVE THIS!!!The colors are perfect!!!
jollyjeanne@yahoo.com answered:
Thank you very much--it was all the original warp....just different weaving.
Tyke22 asked:
Beautiful! Clever, clever you!
jollyjeanne@yahoo.com answered:
I was daunted by the thought of putting together pillows for this weaving course (realizing only in the aftermath the depth of weaving experience it offered) since I am just a muddle with sewing. It was an opportunity to weave, design AND construct cloth. I am pleased with my first efforts albeit time consuming and trust that future endeavors will proceed in a timely manner with more grace and less effort . Your thoughtfulness in comment is most appreciated.

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