Penelope's Wollmeise Scarf

Project Description

What was your inspiration? My friend, Penelope, commissioned me to weave her a scarf with her yarn because this colorway had a tendency to pool in the most unattractive way when knitted. I am pleased to see that when I began weaving, the colors pooled together uniformly and it made a nice pattern for the scarf.

What you will need

  • 1 skein of Wollmeise 100% Merino Superwash 575.0 yards (525.8m): Saami
  • Kromski Harp 24" Loom

Q&A with Angela Tong

xstitchingirl asked:
Very lovely scarf!
Angela Tong answered:
Thank you! I am glad my friend loves it.
LisaNorCal asked:
Looks like Saami colors! I'm getting ready to start a scarf of this same yarn! Can you tell me what size heddle you used (I'm tentatively planning on a 10, weaving with Wollmeise 'Twin') and how approximately how long and wide you made it, with approximately how much yarn you had left over? I want to use my yarn up as much as possible but still don't have the skills to do the figuring as to how much of a scarf this will actually make (I have the full skein of 510 yds, fingering weight). Thanks for any help you can give! Lisa
Angela Tong answered:
All the info is listed above in the instructions. Let me know if you need further details.
LisaNorCal asked:
OK, I'm warped - used sized 10 heddle. I used the worksheet and hopefully will have enough yarn for the length that I want. Will post photos when done!
Angela Tong answered:
Good luck! Can't wait to see your scarf.

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