Project Description

Name of Pattern Illustration 37b in "Inkle Weaving" by Helene Bresss What was your inspiration? Independence Day

What you will need

  • 100% Perle Cotton

Q&A with L Jensen

AmandaC1 asked:
Wonderful! How did you do this? It looks like something I could pick up at Joann's! I'd love to try this. Please share ;p
L Jensen answered:
Thank you, Amanda. This pattern can be found in "Inkle Weaving" by Helene Bress, pg.173, Illustration 37b. The bottom band is from the original pattern and I used 3/2 perle from http://www.yarnbarn-ks.com/3_2-Perle-Cotton-Mini-Cone/productinfo/WY-PER03M-/ I am unsure of copyright so please check with your library or local guild for the book if you don't have it. However, I don't use and inkle loom. I use a two shaft floor loom or I've used my four shaft table loom (threading only 2 shafts) and removing the reed. Rigid heddle looms do not work well as the heddle keeps the treads widely separated which causes a sloppy, loose weave. These are easy and fun so give them a try. Make up your own pattern or there are tons available. Good luck!