Painted-skein Warp Scarf

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I love how this came out! I used a painted-skein for the warp and a solid charcoal for the weft.

What you will need

  • merino/nylon yarn
  • fingering weight on 10dpi reed

Q&A with stashless

ZZsStudio asked:
I love the look of this scarf....it is beautifaul
stashless answered:
Thank you!
Suzan Oakhill asked:
Very cool effect - and such a lovely scarf! Can you explain what's a "painted skein" which you used for warp? Was it striped color or just like dipped in color at the ends, or...? I heard of this before, but can't picture it. Thank you. :)
stashless answered:
You need to look for (or dye) a skein as a palindrome. Some indie dyers dye this way, but not all and some commercial skeins are dyed this way (such as this one). With the indie dyers, you can always ask. I have dyed my own as well. This is so simple but always impresses people. There's a really good explanation of what to look for here: http://www.weavezine.com/spring2008/wz_sp08_SyneMitchell.php