Novelty Weaved Scarf

Project Description

What are you most proud of? It turned out so much prettier than I though!! I might make another one with blues and greens!! I have sooooooo much fiber! I could make about 10 more of these! I'm so glad I made a small dent in my stash and have something so pretty to show for it!

What you will need

  • Novelty fibers
  • embroidery floss

Q&A with BrenBoone

Angela Tong asked:
This is so beautiful! It looks so light and airy.
BrenBoone answered:
Thank you, Angela!!
Tealstardust asked:
This is beautiful! what dent was your heddle? If you make another one, please take a picture of the warp and post it. I would like to see this one a loom. I am having a hard time picturing the fun yarn as the warp and the weft being embroidery floss. How much of that did you use?
BrenBoone answered:
I used a size 10 dpi dent. I used quite a lot of floss but there's a lot of space between the fibers to make it lighter and airy. I also split the floss into 2 pieces per. I used about 1.5 oz of floss total and about 1 oz of novelty yarn total. The next time I make one I'll make sure to take more pics while I'm weaving it and post them so you can see!
Redtail Hawk asked:
How did you leave a lot of space between the fibers to make it light and airy? Did you skip spaces when warping your loom??
BrenBoone answered:
I thought about skipping spaces with a size 12 dent but decided on the 10 and there was plenty of space between the fibers. I used a bamboo skewer to keep the spacing between the weft fibers even. It really made a difference in how light the finished fabric is. It's light as air.
Newfiejudy asked:
Beautiful! love it
BrenBoone answered:
Thank you!!
Newfiejudy asked:
What type of loom do you have?
BrenBoone answered:
I use an Ashford 24in rigid heddle loom.

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