Noro Woven Purse

Project Description

What are you most proud of? One of my sewing buddies wanted me to make another for her as she was too impressed with the finishing, but I gave it to her as I have enough yarn to weave and make another. So proud that my friend now gets lots of compliments from handiwork!

What you will need

  • 3 balls of Noro Kureyon yarn

Q&A with Miss Purl

linpiration asked:
Another Noro fan here. I used to have about $1.000.00 worth of Noro but gave some away and used some. I have some Noro items on my craftsy page. Check it out. I love this bag. It is sweet. Good job! I still have about 6 100gr skeins of Taiyo that I don't think I will use. Let me know if you are interested in ithem at a good price. I paid about $14.95 ea but I will give a craftsyer a very good deal.
Miss Purl answered:
Hi thanks for your message. Can you give more details of the Taiyo yarn? I still have a lot in my stash but will consider buying more. I have not used Taiyo in the past - thanks.
linpiration asked:
Oh BTW your link to Kelly's bag book doesn't go anywhere since it was not put in the area where it can become a live link. Just wanted you to know. I am interested in the book too. Although I don't weave. Is it hard? Do you need a loom of some kind? Good stuff.
Miss Purl answered:
Hey thanks for the feedback but I was not able to edit the link, but I did not insert a link in the first place as I don't have one.
bittyfawn asked:
Hi Miss Purl, I'd love a copy of the pattern as well when you have a moment to send it along!
Miss Purl answered:
Hi I would be very happy to send it to you if you can send me your email address. And please share your project with me when you have completed it!
teresasecord asked:
Hello - I too would like a copy of this pattern. Would you please send it to Thank you so much. I love this!
Miss Purl answered:
Hi Teresa, I have sent it to your email address. Please send me pics when you have completed the project. Good luck
Ashley Vreeland asked:
Love this! If you could pass it to me as well!
Miss Purl answered:
Hi there, sorry for the delay. I have just sent you the pattern today. Good luck!