Matching 1/3 twill blanket

Project Description

What advice would you give someone starting this project? Your stripes don't have to be 5 inches wide, of course. Decide how wide you're going to make your blanket, then divide that width into equal sections of whatever size stripe you like! You'll also want a floating selvage, 'cause 1/3 twill doesn't make a very tidy edge.

What you will need

  • Warp: Briggs & Little Regal SoftSpun
  • 2ply (Natural) Weft: Briggs & Little Regal 1 ply
  • (Blue WO)

Q&A with Janet Dawson

PatS1 asked:
That is so cool. I hope to be able to do something like this soon. Is it done in one section on a large loom or in smaller strips on your Baby Wolf? How would you sew strips for a large project together?
Janet Dawson answered:
This was done in one piece on a wider loom. Technically, it could have been woven on an 8S Baby Wolf using a technique called double weave that lets you weave two connected layers of cloth, but that's not a project for a new weaver or the faint of heart. ;) The most important things to pay attention to when you're planning to seam together two pieces of cloth is your selvage where they'll join, and your beat. Since one selvage of each piece will be right in the middle of the cloth, you really want it to be neat and tidy, without any big divots or loops. Because you'll be joining the two pieces together, they need to have the same beat for the cloth to drape the same way, or else the seam might pucker. It's especially important when there's contrast between the warp and weft, or where you've woven weftwise stripes, since your eye will pick up any mismatches easily. If you're doing stripes, be sure to use a guide tape as in the video - mark it with the exact width of the stripes as you weave the first piece, and then use the same tape and match it exactly while weaving the second piece.
TheFiberFrontierGal asked:
Is this an 8 shaft project? Where could I find the draft for it?
Janet Dawson answered:
Nope, it's the 1/3 twill from Pillow #1. I just changed the direction of the threading every few inches and put in ends of the contrasting color at the points. :)
Pierogidog asked:
Are the dimensions for this in the class materials?
Janet Dawson answered:
Nope. I usually do my blankets about 50" wide in the reed and between 80 and 100" long under tension.
jillyc asked:
I love this blanket! How wide is it? Did you weave it on the Baby Wolf? Thanks.
Janet Dawson answered:
I wove it on a different loom. The warp was 50" wide in the reed, and it came out around 45" wide, as I recall.

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