Created by: Stephanie Flynn Sokolov

Ladder Hemstitch & Cheater Version

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Stephanie Flynn Sokolov made Ladder Hemstitch & Cheater Version with:

Pickup Stick & Finger Control Techniques

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Pickup Stick & Finger Control Techniques

with Stephanie Flynn Sokolov

Q&A with Stephanie Flynn Sokolov

Kamille asked:
Hi, I was wondering how many of these techniques I'd be able to use on a frame or tapestry loom. I don't have a rigid heddle loom. Thanks, Kamille
Stephanie Flynn Sokolov answered:
There are ways to make almost every technique work. You can use a pick up stick to create the shed a heddle would on a rigid heddle loom. You could use all the stitching techniques. Some of the floats would just be slow to build, but totally worth it. Happy Weaving.