Houndstooth in blue/brown

Project Description

What are you most proud of? This was my second scarf and I love how it looks more complicated than it is!

What you will need

  • merino wool yarn
  • fingering weight on 10dpi reed

Q&A with stashless

Jill C asked:
Very nice...I think I want to make one of these for the manly men in my life that don't seem to want knitted scarves. I love the colors you picked too. How long did you make the scarf?
stashless answered:
This one's on the long side, but I normally try to make guy's scarves around 6'. A good rule of thumb is make the length about as long as the recipient us tall. :-)
SugarBunnyBlvd asked:
So Nice!! When you do such frequent color changes on the weft do you actually cut the yarn each time or carry it up the sides neatly? Are there tips for this online somewhere that you could direct me?
stashless answered:
So sorry, I just saw your question. I'm assuming you've figured this our by now, but in case someone else wonders I'll answer. =) Since you're changing color every other row, you will carry the yarn up the side. Be careful not to pull too tightly - your color changes will all be on the same side so the edge will look slightly different than the opposite side, but if you pass the yarn the same way (over or under consistently), you'll have a nice clean edge. The basic rigid heddle weaving class here is a great way to start learning to weave, but also searching on YouTube will give you a lot of great info. =)