A Set of Cotton Tea Towels

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I experimented with color choices for the warp and weft to create a pattern, which added to the fun of making them. I am a beginner, and I was not sure how it would all turn out, but I am happy with the design of my finished towels. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Measure your design as you go (wefts per inch or section), and keep a check of your work as the project progresses. I found from one day to the next, I would tend to beat the weft ever-so-slightly stronger or less intense, and that made the dimensions change. Since I had measured it from the start, I could go back and get myself on track again.

What you will need

  • Lily Sugar 'n Cream 100% Cotton in Ecru and Blue Jeans colors

Q&A with Sunflower Jo

Angela Tong asked:
These towels are fantastic! I love how you changed up the pattern by experimenting with the warp and weft colors. Great job!
Sunflower Jo answered:
Thanks so much, Angela. You truly are an amazing teacher. Your explanations are chock full of detail that helped me understand easily. I'm so hungry to more about colors and patterns... I'll be sure to drop an E-mail to Craftsy requesting that. Until then, my husband is going to work on the next project on the loom to learn what you've taught, too! Thanks again!
Tealstardust asked:
I love this! Your photo is beautiful, and your colors are perfect for your bowls! Did you use the same kind of yarn as was suggested? it looks a bit heavier to me. Looking at this picture just makes me think of walking into a country kitchen. Thanks for sharing!
Sunflower Jo answered:
Ah, you are so sweet! Thanks for your kind comments. Yes, I did use the cotton yarn suggested by Angela in the class. I think with the lighting, my camera just picked up the weave really clearly. It sure was fun to do! Thanks again.
Trishmor910 asked:
Lovely project Jo - I am inspired to make these dish towels for my second weaving project.
Sunflower Jo answered:
Oh, Thank you! Please let me know how yours turn out. I had a lot of fun making them. Thanks again!

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