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Announcing the Craftsy Blogger Awards 2013!

By Lindsay Conner
Craftsy Blogger AwardsThis October, Craftsy wants to celebrate creative bloggers who have truly inspired us through their original content, vivid imagery and exceptional online personas. That’s why we are presenting the first ever Craftsy Blogger Awards, to honor those individuals who spend so many hours behind the scenes crafting the blogs you love to read! Nominate your favorites now! Read more »
round loom

Give Your Needles a Break! Try Knitting with a Round Loom

By Ashley Little

Knitting looms are a great alternative to knitting -- and they have far more advantages than I ever realized. Whether you just don’t have needle skills yet or can’t physically use needles, round looms are a great alternative. Join along to explore how to use them and the variety of beautiful patterns you can make!

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Sweet Tips for Decorating: Round, Ruffle & Basketweave

By Jessie Oleson Moore
Decorating TipsDecorating tips can be confusing. What’s the difference between all of the unusual-looking shapes? Which tip is best suited to which cake decorating project? This series is an exploration of all sorts of different types of tips, breaking down what they look like, what they do and how to use them. In this roundup, we focus on round tips, ruffle tips, and basketweave tips. Read more »

Knit vs. Woven Fabrics

By Ashley Little

Whether you’re sewing or knitting, you’ll benefit from knowing the difference between knit and woven fabrics, plus some tricks for working with each.

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Luscious Loom Knitting

By Emily Vanek
Loom KnittingAs if knitting on needles wasn’t enough, the latest craze to hit the yarn world is loom knitting! Learn the craft of the loom. Read more »