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Swatch of Preserving Colour

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excited spinner made Swatch of Preserving Colour with:

Spinning Dyed Fibers

Online Class

Spinning Dyed Fibers

with Felicia Lo

  • Swatch of roving from sample colour pack

Q&A with excited spinner

Seagreen101 asked:
Love it! How did you preserve the color?
excited spinner answered:
I split the roving in half lengthwise, spun each half on a separate bobbin, then plied the two back together, trying as much as possible to keep the colours lined up as I did so. Felicia talks about thisin one of the early lessons on preserving colour; she says she prefers navajo plying because there is less risk of the colours getting out of alignment, but I have done it this way a few times, and am getting better at it.

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Get your first class for only $14.99