My Breed Specific Swatches!

Project Description

What are you most proud of? Deciding to write yarn reviews and comments on yarn to help promote small producers. My site has some on http://www.nearlythere.com What advice would you give someone starting this project? Don't judge a wool by the ball!

What you will need

  • There is a range here from Zwartbles/mohair blend
  • Pure Wendsleydale
  • Jacob/mohair
  • blue faced Leicester
  • merino
  • Gotland
  • hebredian/mohair blend. Not in that order lol. from blacker

Q&A with Heather McNamee

flootzavut asked:
Gorgeous range of colours!
Heather McNamee answered:
Thank you!
Cheryl1948355 asked:
Lovely swatches... and thank you for sharing.
Heather McNamee answered:
Thanks :)
Glaswizar988331 asked:
Heather McNamee answered:
Thanks! Sorry took me so long to reply ;)
abbeylynn asked:
What a wonderful idea! Where did you find them? None of my local stores have breed specific wools.
Heather McNamee answered:
Yeah - same here! Hard to find breed-specific wool. I actually ordered them online through blackeryarns.co.uk I considered it more of a learning experience to make the swatches, but now I have enough of the balls leftover, I have to think of a project to use them all up :)
abbeylynn asked:
Do you live in the UK? I'm in the US. Would I have to sell my firstborn in order to afford to ship them here?
Heather McNamee answered:
Well, I did see they will calculate the shipping for the US if you dare to tempt yourself by filling up a shopping cart! Though I looked it up and there are stockists in the states: http://www.blackeryarns.co.uk/about/weblinks#node-152