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What are you most proud of? I am proud of two things. One, That I keep picking it up, day after day, even when I get frustrated with the roving that I am using, the thin spots I creat from spinning too much and pulling to hard/much on the fibre. I am still trying to get the right tension/grip on the fibre hand. When I consciously think about holding itnlight but firm it drafts really nicely, but then my mind wonders and sometimes I tighten my grip. But I am getting the hang of it. And two, that I am honestly getting the hand of it. I am improving and the latest two singles that are in the pictures, while the do have some inconsistencies but overall they are about he thickness of sport weight. I couldn't find my wrapping tool. The dark blue is about three oz and I am trying to decide if I want to ply it or just leave it the is as it is only about 3oz. The other is still on the go.this one will probably get plied with another single of blue. Oh! I am also getting really good at joining the fibre again as while I have been spinning thin yarn on a heavy spindle I have not been supporting it and sometimes the weight pulls too hard on the fibre and it drafts apart. I am happy to get my lighter spindles to work with! Thanks for looking and sorry for rambling!

What you will need

  • Top whorl - blue Corriedale Bottom whorl - hand dyed BFL Both spindles are over 2.5 oz The Turkish spindle is zebra wood from paradise fibres and weighs 0.9 oz. the top it is resting on is also bfl. I think it will be my first project on the Turkish spindle.

Q&A with Malkavian6

theheartofit asked:
Nice, can't wait to see the multi color one spun up!......I'm having a hard time drafting as fine as yours
Malkavian6 answered:
I personally either pull apart the top/roving in to halves and draft from there .. I found it difficult using a heavy drop spindle to produce a thin thin product. I got two light spindles and have had less trouble/headaches because it does not draft apart so much because the spindle is a lot lighter and does a great job in keeping me sane as I am not dropping it so much and having to reattach the fibre to my yarn. Happy spindling-

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