Fractal Handspun Yarn- Dandelion

Project Description

What was your inspiration? A desire to spin lace weight. I don't knit with lace yarn so I've never bothered trying to spin it either. It took FOREVER. I don't know if I'll ever do it again! LOL. I guess I'll have at least one lace knit project! LOL This was fractal spun. I split the wool in half and kept one side whole, I then split the other side into 5 more sections. Merino/ Silk Lace weight/ 36-38 wpi 986 yds/ Fractal Spun/ 2 ply

What you will need

  • Merino/ Silk top.

Q&A with BrenBoone

Dianne.Sallee asked:
Wonderful - love the colours.
BrenBoone answered:
Thank you!!
kathnwes asked:
What a beautiful job of spinning ! I am a brand new spinner - got my first wheel for Christmas. I enjoy it so much but wonder if I will ever be able to produce anything aside as yours. So pretty.
BrenBoone answered:
Oh thank you! I'm sure you will! I got my wheel the Christmas before last so I've been spinning for a little over a year now. You'll catch on quickly and the next thing you know, the wool will be flying on the bobbin!!
Jill2 asked:
Hi Bren, How did you learn to dye your fiber? Can you please recommend a starting resource? Thanks! Love your studio photos!
BrenBoone answered:
Sure!! My favorite book is called "Hand Dyeing Yarn and Fleece" by Gail Callahan. It's just a good book that covers several different techniques all in one book.
CarrotCarolyn asked:
Lovely, hope I can do this some day.
BrenBoone answered:
Thank you!! I'm sure you will!!

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