Autumn Rose- Handspun Yarn

Project Description

What was your inspiration? I'm wanting to make myself my first handspun cardigan and decided on something luxurious (polwarth/ silk) to treat myself. I used principles learned in Felicia's class to really control how my finished yarn would look. This will have a striping effect with short color changing sections. This is my first skein weighting in a 5.3 oz/ 600 yds/ fingering weight/ 2 ply. I have three more to go then I can get started on my cardigan! So excited!!

What you will need

  • Polwarth/ Silk- 50/50

Q&A with BrenBoone

KatherineHalber asked:
Beautiful yarn-I'd buy a skein or [um, more] of the hues, you have, in the skein. The color transition is there, but subtle. Perfect for the fall season :-) How long have you been spinning? How much roving did you purchase, for this skein, (great yardage!). Amount, you will spin for entire cardigan? Noticed, a version of the roving [different company-looked close to what you are using] you're using earlier in the week, at a favorite, "LYS," [when travel brings me to that area-hours away from home-good/bad points, to not having the store closer-budget savvy, when away-restrain as much as I'm able, when there.]
BrenBoone answered:
I've been spinning for almost two years now. These particular braids had 5 oz each. And a total of 20 oz for the cardigan. I actually decided not to make the cardigan I was thinking of and made something else with one of the braids so I still have 3 left. If you'd like me to spin a skein for you I'd be more than happy to :-) Please let me know!
KatherineHalber asked:
Did you spin on a wheel or...? What kind/model? Please, share photos of it as a single ply and 2ply...see a bit of yarn off of the finished skein. Thank you :-) Your skein, truly caught my attention, and has resulted in tons of questions. Hope you have many hours/days/time for happy spinning and knitting!
BrenBoone answered:
Unfortunately I didn't take a lot of photos while I was spinning it so I don't have any of it while it was still in singles. I spin on a wheel (Kromski Fantasia) and I also have an antique walking wheel. I also spin on several spindles as well. Thanks!
Newfiejudy asked:
BrenBoone answered:
Thank you

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