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Tricky Fabrics 101

Learn how to sew specialty fabric with our sewing experts. From velvet to wool, lace to faux fur, master simple techniques to transform them into a garment that gets noticed.

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Winter-Worthy: Zippers & Coats

Learn to master zippers (in minutes!) with our new series, PLUS get inspired to tackle your own winter coat.

NEW! Mastering in Minutes

A new series of video tutorials designed to help you learn something new in 30 minutes or less! Led by Craftsy’s own experts, you’ll use common materials to up your game, tackle roadblocks and master zipper insertion, all in less time than it takes to watch your favorite TV show. And you’ll do it all for only $9.99.

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Bundled Up: Make Your Own Coat

Depending on where you live, your coats likely get a lot of play from November through March, so they need to be fabulous and functional. Skip the Saturday spent traipsing around the mall looking for the perfect winter coat and think of sewing a coat of your own instead!

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Sewn by You: Bodice Sloping

Create a moulage and use it to make a custom-fit bodice sloper — the foundation for personalized patternmaking. Check out these student projects from the class!

Simple Hack to Match Dart Legs

Are you tired of trying to match dart legs, thinking there must be a simpler way? Most patterns will tell you to match them by "folding in half," but this is easier said than done! Thankfully, there's a better answer.

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